Simple and Productive Morning Routine for the Full-Time Person

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Great things can happen in the early morning while most people are sleeping and the world is quiet and still.

Many people find the morning to be the best time to accomplish tasks uninterrupted and to spend time with themselves.

A successful morning begins with a successful morning routine. A simple and productive morning routine establishes the foundation for how your day will go.

If you wake up each morning late and rushing, that stressful tempo will most likely rule your day. However, if you wake up early and take the time to enjoy your morning, you begin your day with clarity and ease.

So, what exactly makes the morning more special than other times of the day?

For one, if you wake up early enough in the morning, it’s pretty much a guaranteed uninterrupted time for you. With the peace and quiet that the morning brings, it’s a chance to be alone for you to focus on yourself and your needs before tackling the daily duties of your life.

Mornings are also a great time to focus on your goals. Usually, by the end of the day, people are too tired or distracted to sit down and actually accomplish tasks. However, in the morning we are fresh and focused without having had to deal with the day yet.

Studies even show that morning people are happier than night owls.

The benefits of successful mornings are undeniable, but how do you go about planning a simple and productive morning routine?

Here are some easy and successful ways to craft the perfect productive morning routine.

Prep the Night Before

The first step for a productive morning routine is to prepare your essentials the night before. Take the guesswork out of what you will eat for breakfast or wear to work.

Instead of wasting time making these decisions in the morning, plan that all the night before. A few minutes before you go to bed decide what you want to wear and set that out. This way you know exactly what to put on for work and avoid the indecision and constant changing of clothes.

Next, decide what you want to eat for breakfast and have the ingredients waiting for you. Each morning I like to drink a large glass of lemon water along with a smoothie. To save me time, I’ll set out the lemon and already have my water jar filled. I’ll even make my smoothie the night before so that all I have to do in the morning is drink it.

This type of preparation allows the morning to flow seamlessly without having to put much thought into the nitty-gritty.

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Decide on the Best Wake Time

Studies show that the best time to wake up in the morning is 6:30am. This doesn’t mean you have to wake up at that time.

For some, a productive morning routine means waking up at 6am or 7am or even later. I find that I do best when I wake up 2-3 hours before I have to be at work. This ensures me that I have enough time to accomplish everything on my daily list.

While I wish I could be the type of person who is up and at it by 6am, the reality of who I am as a person makes 7am the perfect time for me.

I am not a natural morning person and I very much value my sleep. However, I have found that 7am wake-up time is perfect for me.

In order to discover your best wake up time for a productive morning routine, you may have to test a few different times to see which one works for you.

When narrowing down a wake-up time, you’ll also want to decide how much you want to accomplish in the mornings so that you make sure you are waking up early enough.

Start With Water

Once you’re out of bed, reach for a large glass of water.

While you might think that you need coffee or tea to effectively get you going in the morning, water is proven to be the best for the body first thing in the morning.

Not only will water give you the energy and hydration your body needs after a nights sleep, it will also get your insides flowing properly.

Water is great for your metabolism and helps to flush out toxins in your body. It will also fuel your brain and help you get started on your productive morning routine.


Before you start your tasks and work toward your goals, try journaling.

The positive effects of journaling are endless. I personally recommend journaling because it’s a beautiful way to discover your deepest thoughts and truest emotions.

Daily journaling is also extremely powerful in tracking your progress through all phases of life.

By journaling in the mornings, you are allowing yourself focus before you have to deal with the craziness of the day. Early morning journaling provides you with a time of clarity and honesty that you may not get anytime else in the day.

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Reciting affirmations every morning can make the day more exciting, productive, and motivating.

Affirmations can be extremely powerful. Take some time to write out a few affirmations that you want for your life. If you aren’t familiar with affirmations or how effective they can be, read: 35 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life.

Next, dedicate 5 minutes each morning to recite them out loud. You can also write them out and put them up on your wall so that you can see them each day.

With consistency in reciting your affirmations, this easy 5 min ritual will fit nicely into your productive morning routine.

15 – 30 Minutes of Exercise

Get up and get moving!

A quick daily exercise each morning gets the body moving and the endorphins flowing in the brain.

This is a great task to incorporate into your productive morning routine as it’s healthy for your body and it helps prepare you for the day ahead.

Also, contrary to the belief that you need at least a one-hour workout to be effective, it is proven that a 15 – 20 minute workout a few times a week sufficient.


Enjoy your morning by listening to an audiobook. Many people claim they don’t have time to read, but wish they could. Instead of reading a book, listen to a book.

Get lost in a story to distract the mind while getting ready each morning. An audiobook can even be listened to while working out and cleaning up.

If a prose novel isn’t your thing, self-help books are also great. There are so many books on every single topic imaginable.

I love to listen to an audiobook while accomplishing one short-term task like deep cleaning my bathroom or closet.

I have gleaned a lot of great information and fun just from listening to audiobooks in the mornings.

Accomplish 1 Goal

To have the most productive morning routine possible, commit to accomplishing 1 goal each day.

There are typically multiple goals or tasks on a to-do list on any given day. Instead of watching that list grow and grow, start knocking it out by accomplishing one task each morning.

In order to wake up ready to go, decide the night before what goal you want to accomplish so that you can be mentally preparing for the task ahead.

After you’ve had your water, journaled, exercised, and said your affirmations, you can wrap up your personal time and get started working on your 1 goal.

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Leave for Work At the Same Time 

To really lock in your productive morning routine, stick to leaving for work at the same time every day. This consistency and promptness will help train your body on exactly how much time you really have.

Additionally, you will never have to rush to work again. A successful routine leaves you with enough time to commute to work without the rush and bustle of worrying if you will be on time or not.

Extra Tips

While a productive morning routine can easily be tailored to any individual, there are some things that help make the morning flow smoother.

1. Don’t check social media. By hopping on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media outlet, you waste valuable minutes that could be dedicated to achieving your success.

2. Avoid checking email right away. The first hour or so should be dedicated to your personal time. That can easily be ruined by checking email. Wait until you are in the tasks part of your morning to check your email.

3. Give yourself enough time. A successful and productive morning routine leaves enough time for you. Don’t rush through the time you spend with yourself just to get to the work portion.

4. Make your bed. Just do it. If you’re going to get up and have enough time for everything else, the least you can do is make your bed.

Final Thoughts

The mornings may not be everyone’s favorite, but with a few adjustments, they can be the most productive time of day.

Take a few moments to write out your ideal productive morning routine and over the next few days make tweaks in order to achieve it.

Best of luck to you!

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