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15 Best Side Jobs for Teachers to Make Extra Money in 2021

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Teachers are heroes. But sometimes, even heroes need to make more money. This article covers 15 of the best side jobs for teachers to make a little extra cash from home, online, or during the summer months.

person writing with an orange colored pencil

I’ve been a university instructor for a few years now. While I love my job and I look forward to lesson planning, interacting with students, and watching the growth of each class, money can get a little tight.

After all, teachers aren’t known to make the big bucks.

Since teaching salaries are often modest, it’s not uncommon for a teacher to take up a second job or some sort of part-time job to offset financial costs. This is especially common during the summer months.


What are good side jobs for teachers?

While everyone’s preferences are different when it comes to 2nd jobs, it’s important for a teacher to take a job that will ACTUALLY PAY MONEY.

However, that can vary depending on the second job.

For example, teaching a summer school class is a guaranteed paycheck. On the other hand, starting a business as a second job could take more time to earn money.

As someone who is very involved/invested in the teaching community, I see all types of 2nd jobs for teachers including Multilevel Marketing (MLM: selling hair products, makeup, essential oils, etc.), hobby side hustles (such as freelance photography), rideshare (Uber, Lyft), and much more.

While the specific side job depends on the teacher and the amount of time they have, this list of 15 side jobs for teachers contains a variety of jobs that can be completed from the home, online, or during the summer months.

Ways for teachers to make extra money from home

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1. Esty Crafts

Not all teachers are crafty and creative. But MANY are.

If you’re one of those crafty teachers, starting an Esty shop is a great side hustle because it allows you the opportunity to express your creativity and make some money from it.

The Etsy marketplace is by far the best location online to sell handmade items because that is what people on Etsy are mainly shopping for.

Even if your item is small and not very expensive, it’s still possible to turn a decent profit and make some great side cash.

Pros of starting an Etsy shop

  • Complete creative control
  • Make products based on orders, which allows for a more flexible schedule
  • Etsy is a trusted and popular site that has millions of views a month

Cons of starting an Etsy shop

  • Building credibility for your shop could take some time
  • Items need to be unique and stand out
  • Sales are not always consistent

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2. Make & Sell Printables

Printables are rapidly gaining popularity. But what are they?

Basically, a printable is some sort of creative document on a specific topic that can be downloaded and printed. There are all types of printables on all sorts of topics such as finances, education, tracking chores, grocery lists, meal planners, stickers, coloring sheets, and much more.

The options for printables are just about endless.

So, how do you make and sell a printable?

I personally make all my printables on Canva because it’s quick, easy, and looks super professional. The types of printables I’ve made include budget templates, weight loss tracker, weekly planning sheets, goal sheets, and many more.

While I advertise my printables to my blog readers, many people successfully sell their templates on Etsy (they have it ALL!).

My favorite thing about selling printables is that they are low-cost items people don’t mind paying for.

Pros of creating printables

  • Complete creative control
  • Possibilities are just about endless
  • Practically a $0 investment (Canva is freeeeee)

Cons of creating printables

  • Printables sell for a cheap rate, usually less than $5
  • Sales could be hit and miss depending on where they are being advertised

3. Freelance Writing

Most teachers have the natural ability to write well, which is why freelance writing and editing is a great side job for teachers.

Freelance writing is a job that will always be in demand purely based on the amount of content created on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in doing this as a side gig, there are a few ways to go about it.

The best way to get a steady gig freelancing gig is to work directly with a company or website. That way, it will be easier to negotiate how often you want to write for them.

However, if the opportunity isn’t there to work for a company, sites like Fivver and Upwork make it easy to list your services so that others can find you and hire you for their specific project.

Pros of freelance writing

  • Negotiate your own prices
  • Easy to build professional relationships
  • Work as much or little as you want

Cons of freelance writing

  • Getting clients could be challenging at first
  • It takes time to build a portfolio of work
  • Work is not always steady

4. Proofreader/Editor

Along the same lines as freelance writing, proofreading is a very in-demand job that many teachers take advantage of due to their education and skills.

Proofreading might not be as exciting as writing (or maybe it is for you!), but it’s a very important job that people will pay some serious money for.

Since there is a ton of content being pumped onto the internet and social media every day, there is an endless possibility of work for proofreaders.

If you aren’t sure where to get started, Fivver and Upwork are great places to look for work. However, you can also email bloggers and websites directly offering your services.

Before you do that, make sure you’ve put together a nice proposal kit with realistic pricing (especially if you’re just starting out).

Pros of proofreading/editing

  • Negotiate your own prices
  • Easy to build professional relationships
  • Work as much or little as you want

Cons of proofreading/editing

  • Getting clients could be challenging at first
  • It takes time to build a portfolio of work
  • Work is not always steady

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5. Re-sell clothes and tech

One of the more popular side jobs for teachers is to re-sell clothes and tech. Of course, these aren’t new clothes and new tech, rather they are clothes from the closet that are no longer being worn and tech in the junk drawer that is no longer being utilized.

Many teachers have a lot of clothes. That’s just a fact. So, when an item of clothing no longer suits you, instead of donating it, sell it.

One of the best places to sell clothes that are still in good shape is through PoshMark.

The same thing goes for tech. Instead of leaving your old phones and laptops sitting in a junk drawer, sell them on an app like Decluttr. Decluttr lets you sell old and used tech, which is a lot better than just letting your expensive gadgets lose all their value.

Pros of selling clothes and tech

  • Easy to use things from your home that you’ve already purchased
  • Apps like Poshmark and Decluttr do the bulk of the work for you, you just have to post a picture and a price
  • You could hit up rummage sales for clothes and tech other people are selling for cheap and then flip it for a profit

Cons of selling clothes and tech

  • Inventory typically relies on what you already own
  • Might require additional work outside the home once inventory runs out

Ways for teachers to make extra money during the summer

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1. Professional Organizer

Did you know that professional organizing is a real job?

Not only is it a legitimate job people pay big bucks for, but it’s super trendy due to some very popular Netflix shows (Marie Kondo and The Home Edit).

Organizing people’s homes as a side job is a great summer gig because people have more time to think about big projects such as decluttering their garage, kitchen, or storage units.

Getting started as a professional organizer isn’t as simple as giving yourself the title. People will want proof that you know exactly what to do when you enter their homes.

So, how does someone get started in this lucrative career?

Join an online course all about professional organizing! Katherine Lawrence, a professional organizer for 20+ years has all the resources you’ll need for your side gig. Oh, and she’s Marie Kondo certified!

Take advantage of Katherine’s free Professional Organizer in 30 Days Guide here.

Pros of professional organizing

  • There is a high demand for professional organizing
  • Negotiate your price point and the number of days worked
  • Word of mouth advertising

Cons of professional organizing

  • Certification or experience required
  • Could be a slow start building clients
  • Work is primarily based on your current location unless you’re willing to travel far

2. Grocery Shop

Since maybe teachers have the entire summer off, it leaves plenty of time for things like going grocery shopping.

Why not make some extra money while you’re at the store by shopping for others.

In-store grocery shopper is a side job that is gaining popularity by the minute, especially during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Everyone needs to get groceries, which means the opportunity to work as an in-store shopper will always be there.

Companies such as Instacart and Shipt make it easy for anyone to join a grocery shopping program.

Pros of grocery shopping

  • Work is extremely flexible
  • Work as much or little as you’d like
  • The option of delivering groceries for extra money + tips

Cons of grocery shopping

  • Many people want to be shoppers in the summer, which might mean less availability
  • Rates vary depending on busy seasons

3. Online Surveys

Sometimes, teachers just want to relax.

The best side job for teachers that doesn’t require much effort or brainpower is to complete online surveys for companies.

Surveys won’t make anyone rich, but a few surveys a week could make for some nice spare change.

Here are the best survey companies that have trustworthy surveys + payouts:

  1. Survey Junkie – get paid in cash, PayPal, or gift cards
  2. Swagbucks – $10 signup bonus
  3. InboxDollars – $5 signup bonus

Pros of online surveys

  • Very easy and mindless work
  • Complete surveys while watching TV on the couch
  • Choose which surveys you want to complete

Cons of online surveys

  • Some surveys are low paying and take a while to complete
  • Won’t get rich

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4. Teach or Tutor

While summer school is a great time for kids to get outside and play, it’s also a time for some kids to catch up in subjects they struggle with.

Enter summer school.

While it could be difficult for a teacher to get a summer school class through their district or university, there are plenty of other programs and even freelance opportunities to tutor.

I personally spent a summer working for a company tutoring kids in reading comprehension skills. Through that summer job, I received numerous requests from parents to be a private tutor for their child long-term.

The point is, parents are always on the lookout for quality tutors.

If you can, join a summer company to tutor a topic you’re good at and more business will come to you.

However, if you don’t want to go through a company, advertising your tutoring services through Facebook or word of mouth can usually get you a client or two (which sometimes is plenty!).

Pros of tutoring

  • You get to use a skill set you’re already refined at
  • Teachers have the credentials and training
  • Parents tend to trust teachers as tutors more than someone who has no have teaching experience

Cons of tutoring

  • Can experience burnout from teaching year-round
  • Might be difficult to get the first few clients
  • Parents tend to require tutoring of a specific focus which could make lesson planning unique compared to a traditional school year

5. Pet or House Sit

People go on vacation in the summer and leave their pets and homes unattended.

Enter sitters.

Sitting is a great side job for teachers because it doesn’t require brainpower, and it’s typically not too long term.

Even if you only sit for 3 homes and 3 pets, the money is totally worth it.

Pros of sitting

  • Good money for easy work
  • Easy to build a good reputation and gain more work in the future
  • Build clientele through word of mouth

Cons of sitting

  • Lots of trust is required and some may ask for a background check
  • Rare possibility that something could happen to the home or pet
  • Will likely need to spend the night inside the home for multiple days (which would not be ideal for teachers with families)

Ways for teachers to make extra money online

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1. Teach English Online

NO! You do NOT need to know a foreign language to teach English online.

That is one of the most common misconceptions about this kind of job, which is probably why so many teachers don’t take advantage of this opportunity.

To teach English online, all you need is a college degree (which all teachers have) and some extra time.

The money is good, the work is consistent, and the flexibility is there.

VipKid is a great and popular site that many people use to get their clients.

Pros of teaching English online

  • Lots of opportunity for clients
  • The hourly pay is good
  • English speaking teachers will have an easy time teaching their natural-born language

Cons of teaching English online

  • Extensive background check process
  • Hours are funky because most students are in another country

2. Blogging

Blogging takes more time to earn an income, but once the ball is running, the money is good.

As a blogger and a teacher, I know for a fact that many bloggers ARE school teachers. So it is possible to do both.

Many teachers have the natural ability to write, so putting together blog articles is an easy process that many teachers enjoy.

Of all the side gigs I’ve tried while being a teacher, blogging is my one constant that I love. Check out my blogging quick start guide to see if it’s something you’d want to try.

Pros of blogging

  • Total creative control
  • Money can be great
  • You can blog from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and internet access

Cons of blogging

  • Traffic growth takes times
  • Blogging requires consistency
  • Blogging is a long game, meaning money comes later (sometimes much later)

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3. Influencer/Affiliate Marketing

Yes, I’ve combined the two jobs. Why? Because influencers would make no money without some form of affiliate marketing.

Social media influencers aren’t just people who do makeup tutorials. In fact, there are so many kinds of influencers out there that you can literally pick any topic and successfully “influence” people to buy those topics’ products.

To start as an affiliate marketer, you’ll need to join some networks. My favorites are Awin, Share-a-Sale, Rakuten, and Sovrn.

Pros of influencer/affiliate marketing

  • Much of the work brings in passive income
  • It’s rather easy to get affiliates
  • An influencer is a popular job

Cons of influencer/affiliate marketing

  • You’ll need to build a following on some sort of platform (blog, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.)
  • Consistency is important
  • Some affiliates require a minimum amount of subscribers, traffic, or followers

4. User Tester

User testing is a great side job for teachers because it’s easy, it’s unique, and it’s flexible.

But, what is it?

A user tester is someone who is hired to assess the user experience on a website. Basically, you go on a website, click/scroll through the content, and make a report on how easy or difficult it was for you to use the website and understand the content.

Although you may have never heard of this job, it’s very popular in the online world. (I’ve hired multiple user testers to assess my blog).

The best way to get started with this side gig is to go through a company like User Testing.

Pros of user testing

  • Easy work
  • Flexible schedule
  • Can be done from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and internet access

Cons of user testing

  • Won’t get rich
  • Some websites will be difficult to assess

5. YouTuber

YouTuber’s make money! And not just those with millions of subscribers.

People with fewer than 5k subscribers can make a solid part-time income.

The great thing about starting a YouTube channel is that research shows that more and more people are turning to videos for their information, rather than reading articles.

If you’re knowledgeable about a topic, or if you just want to have a lifestyle channel, starting a YouTube is a great side job for teachers.

Pros of being a YouTuber

  • Millions of videos are watched on YouTube every day
  • People crave new content
  • Semi-easy to build a following and market products to your audience

Cons of being a YouTuber

  • Requires you to make a personal connection with strangers
  • Constancy is a must
  • Filming, editing, and uploading takes hours

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