5 Side Job Ideas to Make Money NOW (and 5 That Take More Time)

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Side jobs (aka Side Hustles) are extremely popular these days, but do they make you money FAST enough? And, is it enough money to be worth the effort? These side job ideas prove that YES, they are effective, worth it, and can bring in some serious bucks.

I get it. Money is a sensitive topic. For many people, money is a constant worry because let’s face it, we never seem to have enough of it in our bank account.

It seems like even when we do the right thing by getting a full-time job, money insecurities still creep in. So what happens when money just isn’t enough?


I like to consider myself a professional side hustler because I’ve had various side jobs for years. In fact, when I decided to go back to school to get my master’s degree, I worked a desk job, I taught for the university, and I had two side hustles.

While I no longer have *that many* jobs, I do consider my teaching job as my primary gig and my blog as my side hustle.

Why do I do it? Personally, I do it for the moneyyyy. I love to write and I love the topics I write about, but I also love the payouts. (Told you I’m a professional side hustler).

What is a side hustle?

Simply put, a side hustle is just a fancy way of saying a person makes money IN ADDITION TO the money they make with their primary job. Get it? A side job…

These hustles can range from side jobs from home, online, or really anything that makes money.

PROS of having a side job:

  • More money (I know… that one’s obvious)
  • Creative flexibility
  • Call your own schedule (depending on the gig, of course)
  • Work as much or as little as you want

CONS of having a side job:

  • Run the risk of getting burnt-out
  • Less free time
  • Not always GREAT payouts
  • Some side jobs require more brainpower aka, harder work

Let’s look at 5 side job ideas that will make you money fast, like really fast.

These 5 side jobs are all hustles I’ve personally had experience with and would recommend to my closest friends. However, they aren’t for everyone, which is perfectly fine. Hopefully, at least one of them can help you make some extra bucks.

1. Sitting of some sort

Not sitting in a chair, although if that were a hustle, sign me up.

Sitting as in BABYSITTING, HOUSESITTING, DOG SITTING, and whatever else people pay others to watch…

The reason this is a great side job to earn extra money is because often times a person can build their clientele through word of mouth.

AND, you get to negotiate your hourly rate. Not bad.

How to get started as a sitter:

  • Advertise to friends and family
  • Post flyers in your local church or school (ask permission first)
  • As customers to tell their friends so that you can expand your clientele

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2. Tutoring

For this one, you’ll need to be good at some sort of subject like math, English, science, etc. But, you don’t need to be an expert!

Tutors can help elementary-aged children with simpler things like adding, subtracting, handwriting, spelling, history, and so on.

My favorite part about tutoring is that it doesn’t even have to be in person. With all of the technology we have available, you could set up 30-45 minute tutoring sessions via zoom or FaceTime.

If tutoring family friends isn’t an option, there are plenty of places that hire freelance tutors.

How to get started as a tutor:

  • Advertise to friends and family (Facebook works well for this kind of thing because it’s mainly moms on there these days)
  • Put up flyers in your local schools, coffee shops, and library
  • Advertise to your neighborhood

3. Online Surveys

Some surveys are scammy. But don’t let the bad reputation of those scammy sites ruin it for the surveys that ACTUALLY PAY.

Completing online surveys is actually one of my favorite side jobs from home because it’s all online, it’s rather mindless work, and it can all be done from the couch in your favorite pajamas.

It really is a win-win situation.

The BEST survey companies:

Since completing surveys won’t make you rich, it’s a good idea to be part of as many companies as possible to max out your benefits!

4. Grocery Shop (& Deliver)

Of course this made the list because it’s a GREAT side job to make money fast.

If COVID-19 taught us anything (it taught us A LOT of things actually), it’s that people will ALWAYS need to go to the grocery store, but not everyone has that luxury.

If you have the ability to drive to a grocery store and put together someones list of food, you could make easy and good money.

And, if you want to make even more money, delivering the groceries to the customer’s house is a great way to tack on a few extra bucks + tips.

But, no worries if you just want to shop and not deliver. Delivery is optional.

How to become a grocery shopper:

  • Instacart
  • Shipt
  • Start your own grocery shopping biz (social media advertising)

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5. Odd Jobs

Odd jobs can literally be anything. The reason this is a great side hustle idea is because people kind of hate doing odd jobs.

So, what exactly is considered an odd job? Here’s a quick list:

  • Mow the lawn
  • Water the yard
  • Painting
  • Washing cars
  • Transporting things
  • Moving furniture
  • Cleaning homes
  • Laundry

Believe it or not, people will pay good money to have SOMEONE ELSE do an odd job they dread.

I raked leaves in the neighborhood as a teen for my odd job. I didn’t mind and I got paid!

How to start doing odd jobs:

  • Advertise to neighbors
  • Offer your services to older people who could use the help
  • Talk to busy parents and see if they need some things done around the house
  • Social media advertising (aka, post on Facebook)

While those side job ideas are almost guaranteed to make you instant money, if you want to put in a little more effort (or, a lot more) to make MORE money, consider a lucrative side hustle idea.

Here are 5 side job ideas that take more time but yield GREAT PROFITS….eventually.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Don’t let the fancy sound of ‘affiliate marketing’ scare you into thinking this is hard. It’s actually not that difficult.

I’ve personally been doing affiliate marketing for the past year and it’s made me more money than any of my other side gigs.

Essentially, affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products and receiving a percentage of any purchase through one of your unique links.

I’m no expert on affiliate marketing, and I’ve made money. So, it works!

How to get started with affiliate marketing:

Buy an online course. Online courses are much more detailed and straightforward compared to some of the YouTube videos I’ve seen. Here are the courses I’ve personally taken:

  1. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – Michelle, the creator of this course, makes over $50k a month just on affiliate marketing. Yes, $50,000. I don’t make that much money (yet), but her course definitely kickstarted my earnings.
  2. Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – As a blogger, I recommend this shorter, yet more straightforward approach to affiliate marketing. However, if you are not a blogger, I’d stick to the first course option.

2. Blogging

I’m biased because I’m a blogger and blogging makes me money.

But let me be clear.


Hobby bloggers aren’t in it for the money. Basically, they spend their free time giving free content to the internet…for free.

Personally, I’d rather spend my time putting together highly research articles that earn me money so that I can continue to provide helpful content for my readers, without having to pick up more hours at my job (which is impossible because I’m a teacher).

Blogging is an extremely fulfilling side hustle, but it does take time. If you’re willing to put in the work, the results are fantastic. Many bloggers are able to replace their entire income by blogging. Not bad.

How to start a blog:

The best place to start is right here: Blogging Quick Start Guide

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3. YouTube

People who start a YouTube channel and remain CONSISTENT can make easy passive income through advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsored videos, and more.

YouTube is a low-cost startup with the possibility for a high return.

All you have to do is make videos.

Okay, actually, it’s not the easy.

First, you’ll need to come up with a niche (what you’ll make videos about). Then, you’ll need to film, edit, and upload. Sounds easy, but it could take hours.

Finally, it’s important to stay somewhat consistent in order for the YouTube algorithm to recommend your videos.

If you’re creative, good in front of the camera, and can dedicate some serious time, then YouTube could make you thousands.

How to start a YouTube channel:

This video goes into depth on what you need to do to start a SUCCESSFUL channel.

4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants, or VA’s, are gaining popularity rapidly. Why? More and more people work online and it makes sense to hire an assistant who is virtual.

If you’d like to work for a business owner or online company, offer virtual services to help with emails, content creation, photos, graphic design, and so much more.

By the way, the money is GOOD! Virtual assistants, once they build their clientele, can easily turn their side hustle into a full-time business.

How to get started as a virtual assistant:

This article explains how to start as a VA with no experience.

It also helps to bring some skills to the table. By skills, I mean skills specific to the online world:

  • Canva – free online photo editor (super easy to learn and use)
  • Pinterest – More specifically, Pinterest for business
  • Email Marketing – Convertkit is one of the most popular companies for this

5. Etsy

If you craft, and I mean seriously craft, Etsy could be your thing.

My cousin and fellow blogger (check out her craft blog) does great selling her handmade crafts on Etsy.

She started on Etsy years before she had a blog, so it’s definitely possible to start from scratch, with no following.

The thing about Etsy is that the competition can be stiff, so it’s important to stand out, make quality products, offer good customer service, and stay stocked.

If you can do that, then you have a shot at making some great side money.

How to get started on Etsy:

This Beginners Guide from Etsy has all the info you need to start an awesome shop.

BONUS: Part-Time Jobs (for those looking for a steady income)

If these side job ideas just don’t cut it financially, maybe getting a part-time job is the best option.

But, this isn’t the 1950s. We can’t just walk into a store, ask for a job, and get hired on the spot.

Unfortunately, it can be kind of difficult to find work these days (no matter how bangin’ your LinkedIn profile is).

If you think a part-time job is the better option for you, I recommend using AppJobs. AppJobs is a modern way to find part-time, flexible jobs in your area.

Which side job ideas do you want to try?

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