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How to Set Up a Comfortable Home Office

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Working from home? What’s your office space like?

Setting up a comfortable home office doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. If you know what the essentials are that you need for a practical and comfortable office, then you can easily set up the perfect work from home space. 

Below are tons of ideas for your home office, all affordable and found on Amazon for easy delivery. 

I hope you enjoy setting up your comfortable home office!


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Plants (real or artificial)

To set up a comfortable home office, I always like to start with some plants. You might be wondering if plants are necessary for an office, but I guarantee you that they are. Plants are a great way to make any home office feel comfortable. Whether a plant is real or artificial, they brighten the room, bring good energy, and establish a nice natural feel.

Eucalyptus Garland

Eucalyptus is a great plant. You can get real ones, but this artificial one below is all beauty with no upkeep.

Artificial Mini Plants

Mini plants bring a fresh look to any home office. These little plants are classy and very real looking.

Plant Hangers

Hanging plants make any office feel comfy and cozy. These plants hangers hold a variety of gorgeous plants and they are very affordable.

Succulent Plant Pots

These pots are the perfect mixture of classy and cozy. They hold small plants, cactus, aloe vera, air plants, herbs, or artificial plants.

Plant Terrarium

First of all, how cool is this plant terrarium? Second of all, this is the perfect focal point for a small home office.

Mini Plants

Who doesn’t love a motivational plant? Looking at these little pots on a daily basis will boost your mood and boost the decor of your home office.

Desk Decor

Let’s make your desk professional (and cute). The decor you use for your home office doesn’t have to be expensive. The following items are all affordable.

Dual-Sided Desk Pad 

This desk pad, which comes in different colors, acts as a mouse pad, a waterproof desk mat, and a writing pad. It’s perfect for a desktop computer or a laptop.

Lap Desk with Mouse Pad & Phone Holder

This is my favorite item in my own personal workspace. Sometimes I get tired of sitting at my desk. When that happens, I pull this out and move to my couch or chair to get work done.

Portable Lap Desk

This portable lap desk is just a good as the previous one. The only difference between this one and the last one is that there is no mouse pad, which leaves more room for your laptop.

Light Up Word Clock

How unique is this clock? It’s modern and it can double as a piece of decor.

Michael Scott Motivational Quote 

Are you a fan of The Office? I sure am! This is the perfect desk decoration for your home office. Michael Scott is always a great addition to any office space.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers are the perfect addition to any comfortable home office. They bring great energy to a workspace and they provide a nice decoration.

Light Therapy Lamp

This light therapy lamp helps to elevate your mood and provide an energizing power to each and every day.


To ensure you have a comfortable home office, it’s important to keep it organized. A home office is only as comfortable as the stuff you keep on your desk. I personally hate having a cluttered desktop, which is why the following items will help keep your desk clean and organized.

Desk Organizer Set

Don’t let things pile up on your desk creating a mess. A simple desk organizer like this one is stylish and helps to keep everything in order.

Marble Pen Holder

If you can’t tell, I like style. This marble pen holder is contemporary and affordable, which checks all my boxes for a comfortable home office.

Cable Sleeve

Ugly cables are an eye sore. At a desk you can easily have cables for your computer, phone, lamp, charges, and more. Hide them with this cable sleeve to immediately elevate the look of your desk.

Cell Phone Stand

Let’s be real. Your phone goes with you whenever you go, which means it’s on your desk when you work. You might as well buy a nice phone stand that displays the screen and lets you charge it at the same time.

Desktop Outlets with USB 

This desktop outlet easily attaches to any desk and lets you plug in a USB cord. Talk about a handy gadget for your home office.

Power Strip Tower

This power strip also lets you plug in USB cords and it has more charging options, which is great for all the things plugged in at your home office.

Office Shredder

Shred your stuff and avoid any fraud. Seriously. It takes just a few moments to shred anything with your address, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.

Desks & Chairs

A comfortable home office is only complete if it has a desk, chair, and cabinets. These affordable options are the perfect combination of modern, stylish, and practical work space.

L Shaped Desk 

This desk is beautiful, so of course it made the list. It’s spacious, has a compartment for your documents, and it’s not cumbersome.

Computer Desk 

This desk is smaller, which is perfect for a small office space. Fun fact, I actually have a desk very similar to this and I absolutely love it.

L-Shaped Corner Desk

Corner desks are perfect for making a comfortable home office. There is something classy and professional about entering an office with a corner desk.

Modern Rectangular Desk 

This desk is simple but effective. There is plenty of space for your computer and your documents and it matches almost any interior.

Rustic Computer Desk

Professional, classy, and modern. Need I say more about this beautiful office desk?

Office Chair

A good desk is only as good as the chair that goes with it. If you want to make your office space feel bigger, getting a light-colored chair will add the illusion that your space is bigger.

Swivel Office Desk Chair

This office chair has great lumbar support and is extremely modern. It’s also a 360 swivel (and who doesn’t love a swivel chair).

Mesh Back Office Chair

This office chair is the standard model of chairs, which makes it tried and true. If you want a classic chair, this one is the perfect option.


If your desk doesn’t have a lot of cabinet space, adding a movable cabinet can help keep your office organized and clear of paperwork clutter.

Vertical File Cabinet

This standard 3-drawer cabinet is spacious and it matches almost any interior. It’s also easily assembled (take that, Ikea!).

Under Desk Utility Cart

This utility cart is movable because of its wheels. This makes it perfect for under any desk and for any office space.

Mobile File Cabinet

This movable file cabinet comes with a locked drawer to protect important documents. It also matches just about any interior.

Mounted Desk Hutch

A desk hutch is the perfect mixture between a cabinet and an office decoration piece. It won’t take up a lot of space because it’s on the wall, and it will hold a lot of your things.

The Basics

When making your comfortable home office, you can’t forget the basics. Just because they are basic doesn’t mean they aren’t the heart of your work space.

Premium Rolling Ball Gel Pens

Every office needs good quality pens. I love these pens because they write really well and they last a long time. If I had to pick a favorite pen on the market, these are the ones.

Ballpoint Pens

These pens write extremely smooth. (Trust me, I’ve tested them. I have a mild obsession with pens.) If you like your writing to feel effortless, then you’ll want to get these pens for your home office.

Mechanical Pencil

These are tried and true mechanical pencils. And, there are so many of them, that if you lose one it’s no big deal.

Flash Drive

Every office needs a flash drive. Make sure all your documents are always secure by saving them onto a flash drive frequently.

2TB External Hard Drive 

An external hard drive is so important. You can backup all the content from your entire computer onto one hard drive. It’s worth the investment!

Oxford Notebooks

I love a good Oxford notebook. The pages are always crisp, and they are all college ruled lining.

Luxury Notebook 

If you’re into a more stylized look for your notebook, these luxury college ruled ones are perfect for your home office.


Gotta have a stapler. Simple as that!

Cork/Dry Erase Combo Board

Jot down quick notes on the white board and hang things on the cork board. It’s quick, effective, and perfect for any home office.

Rose Gold Thumb Tacks

These thumb takes are good for hanging something on your corkboard or hanging something directly on your wall. They hardly leave any marks.

Push Pins Clips

These push pin clips are a great alternative to the standard thumb tacks making them unique and practical.

Enjoy setting up your new and improved home office!

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