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How to Find Motivation to Chase Your Dreams When Life is Overwhelming

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It’s easy to dream. It’s harder to follow through and chase your dreams when life is overwhelming.

After all, a dream can pop into our minds in an instant and take an entire lifetime to accomplish. I think it’s safe to say that at times our motivation can run short and the overwhelm of life sets in.

So, what next? What happens when you have a dream and no motivation to pursue it? After all, life still goes on even when we have plans to change our lives.

The ‘real world’ is relentless and time never slows down to wait for us to catch up. An entire day, week, month, or year can seemingly pass by in the blink of an eye leaving you disappointed in your lack of progress towards your dream.

I’m positive we have all been there. Our to-do lists grow, life gets busier, and our dreams get pushed to the back of our minds so that we can concentrate on important day to day necessities.

But, hope is not lost!

Dreams are meant to be realized, no matter how long it takes to accomplish them.

Life will undoubtedly get overwhelming and stressful. All that means is that we have to work harder and smarter and constantly seek out the motivation to achieve our goals.

With that being said, here is how to find the motivation to chase your dreams when life is overwhelming.

Be Clear on Your Dreams

The easiest way to get distracted in your journey is to not have a clear focus on what you are working towards.

Do you know someone who has tons of dreams and ideas but they never seem to accomplish even the slightest amount of anything? Are you that person?

People like that tend to have the best intentions of chasing their dreams but fall short in having a clear vision.

Sometimes even our dreams can be overwhelming.

Before you go any further on your journey of chasing your dreams, get clear on exactly what you are after. Spend some time alone reflecting on your goals and writing them out.

Once you have them written out, put them someplace where you can see them every day. This way you are constantly reminded of what you are working towards.

When life starts to get in the way, you can always refer back to your list and remember what you’re working towards. Having your goals written out is one of the best ways to find the motivation to chase your dreams when life is overwhelming.

Develop a Plan of Action

Is your dream to travel the world? Write a book? Learn a new language? Start a business? Get a degree? Adopt a child?

Whatever your dream may be, you need a plan. Dreams don’t just happen overnight. They usually take tons of work.

For example, if your dream is to start a business you need to figure out what type of business to start, how to get a business license, where to get the start-up money, a location to run the business from, the product you will have, how to source your product, a general business plan, and so much more.

If your dream is to write a book you need to figure out the topic of the book, how long you want it to be, the characters, the plot, find an editor, find a publisher, build an audience, and so on.

I could go on and on but the point is all dreams need a plan of action for accomplishment.

The reason a plan is so important is so that you always know what you are working on. Life won’t wait for you to catch up when you fall behind.

Sometimes you may need to work late or deal with family issues or you get sick. Once you are back and ready to work towards your dream, you need to know exactly what to work towards.

It’s a guarantee that life will get in the way of your dreams. Use your solid plan of action to continue to chase your dreams when life gets overwhelming.

Trust me, a solid plan of action will keep you on a solid path toward your dreams.

Carve Out Time Each Week for your Dreams

Dreams are rarely achieved when you work on them here and there. We will never have more than 24 hours in a day. Most of us have to work full-time while also dealing with life’s everyday needs. That is a given.

So, where do we find the time to work toward our dreams?

We create it! We find time to hang out with friends, binge-watch TV, go to sporting events and concerts, go on dates, and lounge around being lazy and doing nothing. The fact is, there is enough time in the day.

We tend to make time for the things that are most important and valuable to us. If your dream is truly important to you, you’ll make time to chase it.

When I decided to start this blog while also balancing my personal writing endeavors, work, graduate school, and an e-commerce business, I had to make adjustments.

I now wake up earlier, I time-block my days, I rarely watch TV, I dedicate only 1 – 2 days a week to hang out with friends, and I make sure my priority is chasing my dreams.

I value my goals so I work towards them. My social life has not suffered. In fact, it has improved because I spend more meaningful time with my friends. My focus is better and I’m pleased with my adjustments.

Carving out time for your dreams is necessary. There are only 24 hours in a day and you chose how you spend them.

Keep Going

George Lucas said, ” You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow ahead”.

Whatever you do, don’t stop. Giving up should not be an option.

It’s okay to make adjustments, fail, make mistakes, and so on, but don’t give up. Keep going.

It’s like that saying, there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you stop in the middle of the tunnel, you’ll never reach the light.

Sometimes, chasing a dream can be filled with darkness as we blindly walk through the middle of a dark tunnel. But, as we established earlier, dreams don’t happen overnight.

Keep going, making adjustments along that way.

The only thing that all successful people have in common is that they kept chasing their dreams when life got overwhelming. They never gave up and neither should you.

Recognize the Importance of the Dream

Dreams are given to us for a reason. While a dream pops into our minds, the success and accomplishments don’t fall into our lap. This hard work can make us forget why our dream is important in the first place.

Every now and then, remind yourself why your dream is important to you. It helps to constantly seek out the bigger picture of your goals.

Sometimes when we are in the middle of our journey, we can begin to question if we should continue. If you remind yourself why you started in the first place, then pushing forward should feel easier.

If you know what you are working towards and why it matters to you, you’ll find the motivation to chase your dreams even when life is overwhelming.

Surround Yourself with your Dream

You can always improve your knowledge of the topic of your dream.

I guarantee you that there are plenty of books, podcasts, and YouTube videos on the topic of your dreams. Find them and immerse yourself in them.

By keeping your mind focused on your goals even when you aren’t directly working on them, you can allow yourself to stay motivated.

It helps to even find someone to look up to and learn all about their journey. When we are able to see someone else’s success story, it can motivate us in our own goals.

Break It Down

Instead of trying to do all the things at once, break them down into smaller and achievable goals.

For example, if your dream is to write a book, set a deadline that you want to have all of your characters established. Once you meet that deadline, set a new deadline for when you want to have chapter one outlined.

If you keep working toward your dreams in smaller goals, you can have something attainable that you are always working towards and at a pace that works for your life.

Giving yourself deadlines is also a great trick to keep your motivated regardless of how overwhelmed you get.

Ignore Self Doubt

Others will doubt you. Let them doubt. But, don’t doubt yourself.

Don’t allow your mind to play tricks on you by telling you your dreams are too big or too hard to accomplish. Ignore all that self-doubt and just keep going.

We can often turn into our own worst enemy and that happens when we let even the smallest amount of doubt creep in.

Doubt kills dreams. Your dreams are not meant to be killed but achieved.

Be Open to Adjustments

Life is unexpected and always changing. On your way to your dreams, you’ll have to learn to adapt.

If you expect everything to go as planned, you’ll be extremely disappointed. Besides, if things always went perfectly, everyone would be successful.

Instead, allow for change and growth by being open to adjustments.

When something happens that throws a curve into your plan, instead of letting it get you down make a new game plan and readjust yourself. Trust me, readjusting is better than quitting.

If you are open to adjustment, you can find the motivation to chase your dreams when life is overwhelming.

Final Thoughts

While it may be easy to dream, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think to follow that dream.

With some hard work and focus, you can find the motivation to chase your dreams when life gets overwhelming.

Best of luck on your journey!

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