17 Easy Ways to Increase Your Income

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Day 6: Face Your Finances Series

This post is part of the Face Your Finances series. You can achieve financial freedom sooner rather than later. You don’t have to settle for a life of debt, financial overwhelm, and living paycheck to paycheck. Don’t let your current financial situation make financial freedom feel impossible. It’s time to reclaim control and face your finances!

The average millionaire has roughly 7 million streams of income.

Not everyone has desires to be a millionaire, but there is value in knowing that those who are well-off see how important it is to increase your income.


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Let’s talk about how to increase your income!

1. Start a Blog

Blogging is not dead. I repeat, blogging is not dead! There are so many people that make a sustainable and comfortable living just from running a blog. Start by finding a niche that you want to blog about (make sure it’s something you can talk about over and over again), get a hosting platform, start cranking out blog posts, and when you’re ready, monetize!

2. Amazon FBA

Amazon has basically taken over the world. Might as well join them. To sell on Amazon FBA, you do need a good chunk of change upfront (don’t trust anyone telling you that it’s possible to start FBA with less than $1,000). If you have the money to start this lucrative side hustle, all you need to do is source a product (likely from China) and get a seller account on amazon.

3. Become a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Virtual Assistants are in high demand lately and there are great perks in becoming a VA. You can make your own hours, work from home, set your own rate, and choose your clients. Also, once you get established, you can advertise through word of mouth.

4. Teach Online Courses

Education doesn’t just mean going to school and sitting in a classroom. Many people are turning to online courses for learning various topics. If you are a master at a specific topic, literally any topic, create a good quality online course to sell. Some platforms that you can advertise your course on are Teachable and Udemy. If you create an online course, you get to decide how detailed you will be and the amount that you will charge.

5. Podcasting

While the podcast market might already have a podcast on virtually every topic, no one can copy your voice. If you have something you are passionate about, start a podcast and find your own raving fans.

If you aren’t sure what you want to podcasts about, check out PodcastManiac for inspiration.

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6. Professional Organizer

Did you know there was such a thing as a professional organizer? If you love to clean, tidy, and organize, this is the perfect side hustle for you. If organizing is something that excites and delights you, start your side organizing business with these easy steps.

7. Edit Videos

Popular content creators are finding that they need to hire editors to make their videos. If you can learn how to edit on a professional software such as Final Cut Pro, you can offer services for editing videos. There are plenty of courses and tutorials out there to help you gain skills at editing.

8. Vacation Property

If you own a property, or can afford to invest in one that is in a prime vacation location, you can be making good money by renting it out during travel season. There are plenty of logistics that go into this, and various cities have rules on vacation homes, but once that’s all figured out, it’s a passive income side gig.

9. Background Actor

If you live in an area where they film movies, TV shows, or commercials, look into background acting. A great site to get these gigs is Central Casting or Backstage.

10. Sell DIY Bodycare Products

The DIY movement is so powerful. If you are a part of that movement, try making your product in bulk and selling it. You can go to farmer’s markets or list them for sale online.

11. Notary Public

Notaries are needed every day to certify various documents. You can even notarize from any location you choose. All you need is a one day class and to pass a background check. From there, you essentially get hired as an employee of the Secretary of State and you can start your money-making side hustle.

12. Copy Editor

Are you a stickler for grammar? Proofreading and line editing might be for you.  Writers, bloggers, educators, and creators have a constant need for editing their articles, posts, books, essays, scripts, and more. Editors can make great money and great lasting relationships.

13. Sell Crafts on Etsy

If you are good at handmade crafts, Etsy is a perfect side hustle for you. Etsy is an extremely popular marketplace to buy and sell unique items that you make yourself. This also allows you to turn your crafting talent into a legitimate business.

My cousin, who blogs over at Paper Crafting with Bubbalinas, has had a thriving paper crafting side hustle on Etsy for years. She now runs a blog about how to make her unique papercraft projects. Talk about side hustle goals!

14. Manage Social Media Accounts

Businesses, influencers, and websites usually post on social a minimum of one time a day on all of their social media accounts. Someone has to run these! If you’re good at understanding the dynamics of social media, and if you can come up with good captions, this is a great side hustle.

15. Dog Walker

This is a great hustle because you can work in the mornings, afternoons, or weekends. Surprisingly, dog walkers can get paid a lot of money per hour, just for going on a walk. Seriously, this is a great side hustle.

16. Voice Over Work

Do you have a good voice? What about a unique, strong, or energetic voice? Voice acting is a great, fun gig that you can do for easy money. There are plenty of sites to list yourself for work and it’s as easy as recording yourself reading a script.

17. Freelance Photographer

If you understand the technicalities of a camera such as shooting in raw, aperture, ISO speed, exposure, etc., and if you have access to a professional camera, a photography side hustle is a great gig. The best part is that you can advertise with friends and family and then slowly build up a clientele of customers for weddings, portraits, and headshots.

My cousin is a freelance wedding photographer who runs her own photography business on the side: Elizabeth Hunt Photography. She’s really killing it working and day job and increasing her income with a side hustle.

It’s time for you to get started and increase your income!

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