12 Ways to Make the Most of Your Work Commute

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If you’re like most people, you hate your commute to work.

Daily commutes are unavoidable unless you work from home. Often times there is traffic or annoying people to deal with.

Instead of dreading your commute, use that valuable time to invest back into yourself and enjoy the process.

Here are 12 ways to make the most of your work commute.


Enjoy your work commute by listening to an audiobook. Many people claim they don’t have time to read but wish they could. Instead of reading a book, listen to a book.

Getting lost in a story is a great way to pass the time. Instead of your commute being nothing but traffic and frustration, an audiobook can take your mind to exciting adventures.

If a novel isn’t your thing, self-help books are also great. There are many books on every single topic imaginable, which leads to a great time learning and experiencing new information.

Your commute can be dedicated to improving your life and learning about topics that you never had the time for.

After a while, you may even look forward to your commute just so you can listen to your audiobooks.


If audiobooks aren’t your thing, give podcasts a try. Podcasts are great because it feels like you get to know the people talking to you and it’s great to learn while simultaneously commuting to work.

Just like audiobooks, there is a podcast topic on anything you can think of. You can listen to information on a passion of yours or you can learn about something entirely new to you.

The great thing about podcasts is that if you don’t like the style of one podcaster, there are plenty of others to listen to. And, it’s usually free.

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Spotify Playlists

For the days you just want the company of music, Spotify is a great go to.

Most days on my commute to work I listen to one of my Spotify playlists. Depending on my mood I might listen to a playlist I crafted or I’ll listen to a playlist created by Spotify.

The reason Spotify is better than the radio is that you never have to deal with static or commercials and you can literally listen to any song or album you want.

Refocus Your Mind

Commutes can feel really lonely. Instead of dwelling on the amount of time spent getting to work, use that time to let your mind wander and see where your deepest thoughts take you.

Use those thoughts to refocus your purpose and be clear on your mental health. Time alone with your thoughts can be great to know exactly how you are feeling.

Often we are too busy to even take a minute to listen to our inner thoughts. A long commute to work can really change that and help you refocus.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Nothing makes a commute worse than rushing.

If you are constantly rushing to work, you aren’t giving yourself enough time to get there. Instead, leave a few minutes earlier so that your commute time is smooth.

Also, always allow for traffic or accidents to add on time to your commute. We can’t control the roads so plan accordingly.

There is no use in stressing on your way to work if it could all be avoided by simply leaving the house a few minutes earlier.

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If you drive to work try finding a friend to carpool with. Carpooling will save on gas and make the drive more entertaining.

To split it up evenly, offer to drive every other week. The more people you get into your carpool, the less driving you have to do.

When selecting carpool buddies, make sure to get reliable people who will always be on time. The last thing you need is to be late to work because you were waiting on someone else.

Invest in Knowledge

It’s pretty much guaranteed that you will have to commute during your lifetime. Why not use that commute to gain knowledge?

For example, use that time to learn a new language or listen to documentaries on YouTube.

Regardless what you do, invest back into yourself with some knowledge. It will make your commute valuable and you’ll gain daily knowledge.

Talk to Family or Friends

If you have a longer commute use that time to catch up with friends or family.

If there are family members you’ve been meaning to reach out to but never had the time, give them a call on your commute. This is a great time to show that you have them on your mind.

The same goes for friends. It’s so easy to see friends on social media and never reach out to them. Change that by reaching out to friends and nurturing important relationships.

If you drive to work, make sure you use earphones so that you are handsfree from your phone.

Find an Alternative to Driving

Walk, bike, cycle, bus, or ride the train to work if you can.

Driving is proven to be the most stressful way to get to work. The less driving you can do the better. While you may not live in walking distance to work, there are plenty of other commuting ways to get to the office.

To read about the best ways to get to work check out this article: The Best Ways to Get to Work.

Clear Your Emails

During your commute, use your time to check and respond to any emails.

While you’re at it, clean out your inbox. The goal should be to get your email count to 0. If you have hundreds (or thousands) of unopened emails, use your commute to clear those out.

Take the time to unsubscribe to newsletters you no longer benefit from and spam any junk mail.

Life is too stressful to have a junky inbox. A long commute is a perfect time to clean this up.


Nothing can calm down a stressful commute like reciting some uplifting affirmations.

Affirmations are not only powerful, they also should be said daily. If you drive alone in the car, you can say the affirmations out loud.

If you commute some other way you can reflect on your affirmations.

If you aren’t familiar with affirmations or how effective they can bere, read: 35 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life.


Journaling is extremely beneficial. It helps you relax, reflect, and focus on your mind and life. Studies have even shown that journaling enhances your life.

To journal on your commute, buy a compact journal that you can fit into your work bag. Spend at least 10 minutes writing in your journal. It’s best to be as free and unfiltered as possible.

Eventually, journaling will become a habit that provides clarity and honesty in your life.

Final Thoughts

Commuting sucks, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as most people make it out to be. With a few tweaks to your daily commute, you can learn new information and invest back into yourself.

Happy commuting and stay safe!

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  1. Fantastic post, Alyssa! I completely agree with, “Life is too stressful to have a junky inbox.” (I think I need to make a pretty printable with that on it and hang it in my office!)

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