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10 Legitimate Side Hustle From Home Ideas

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Are you stuck at home? Now is the perfect time to start a side hustle and earn some extra money.

I think side hustles provide a great way to add a second stream of income and they give you the opportunity to work on something you feel passionate about.

There are various types of side gigs you can start, but this article will only focus on side hustle from home ideas. That way, you can start your business all from the comfort of your couch.

Here are the top 10 legitimate side hustle from home ideas.


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1. Start a Blog

Blogging is not dead. I repeat, blogging is not dead! 

There are so many people that make a sustainable and comfortable living just from running a blog. And then, there are people who are making literally hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from blogging. That is just further proof that blogging isn’t dead.

If you have ever thought about starting a blog, the time to start is now! Don’t keep putting it off. There are so many benefits to starting a blog:

  • You get full creative outlet over your blog
  • All your success is based on your own hard work
  • A blog is a profitable side hustle and a great way to earn a passive income
  • Running a blog can turn into a full-time job/income in a short amount of time
  • Blogging is extremely fun and very rewarding
  • Blogging gives you the chance to help a devoted audience and readership

If you don’t know anything about starting a blog, don’t worry! It’s actually really easy. The first thing you need to do is sign up for a hosting site. The reason you need to host your blog on a professional site is so that you can actually control and own your blog. 

When you have a .com or a .net, you are the true owner rather than if you have a, which is not owned by you. Simply put, you need to spend the few bucks to claim rightful ownership. And, it really is only a few bucks, $3.95 to be exact. That’s extremely cheap, especially with all the money you’ll be making in the near future from your blog. 

Once you’ve signed up for your website hosting, the next step is to find a niche that you want to blog about. I recommend that you focus in on a specific niche so that your audience always knows what to expect from you. From there, start cranking out blog posts and when you’re ready to monetize the money will soon follow. 

Remember, it’s better to start sooner rather than later. To set up your brand new blog, which takes roughly 15 minutes, head over to Bluehost and get signed up for only $3.95. This is by far one of the best and most lucrative side hustle from home ideas you can start right now. 

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2. Make Printables

Printables are really popular these days. As someone who works primarily in the digital world, the demand for printables is increasing every day. The problem is, many people don’t know how to make good looking and easy to maneuver printables. 

This is where your skills come in.

If you’re good at design, making one-page printables for bloggers and websites can turn a nice profit and develop into a good side hustle.

I think making printables is an easy side hustle you can start right now. And, the price range can really vary, which is great for business. I’ve seen them offered for as cheap at $0.99 to $20.00. Pricing your printable really depends on the quality of the work and the content you are providing. If you want to create printables for bloggers to sell, I’ve seen on Fiverr freelancers offering their printable creation services for around $5.00 and up. 

Since it is your side hustle, you decide how much you charge. However, if you’re struggling to figure out pricing, here is an article that can help you come up with the perfect price point: Passive Income Selling Printables

3. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VA’s) are a big deal these days. In fact, many people are making a full-time income being a VA for a person or company.

If you aren’t sure what a VA is, it’s exactly what it sounds like; an assistant who is virtual. All communication is done virtually and you complete the assigned tasks in the comfort of your own home!

The unique thing about VA’s is that the job description is specially tailored to each VA.

I have heard of VA’s doing basic business work such as handling social media accounts, bookkeeping, and product management, to handling personal business such as getting birthday gifts, sending cards, and managing emails. The details of you and your boss will be decided between the two of you, as well as rate and hours.

There are plenty of websites online where you can sign up to be a VA, just make sure you do your research!

4. YouTube

Believe it or not, YouTubers can make a ton of money. Some people might think that YouTube is just for teenagers to film themselves doing dumb things, but the truth is that it is a valid side hustle from home business that’s profitable and allows for total creative control.

Just like anything, monetizing YouTube takes a while and is not an overnight success. However, with time and persistence, it can become a full-time gig.

With the way society is evolving, YouTube will only get more and more popular. YouTube went from funny cat videos to people vlogging their lives, posting tutorials, and offering educational information.

Personally, I watch YouTube every day because I love all the free knowledge it provides me.

If you’re thinking that it is too late to get into the YouTube game, you’re wrong! Just like blogging, YouTube is not dead. If you have a skill or knowledge of some sort, film yourself and share it with the world!

5. Online Surveys (that actually pay!)

I get it. Online surveys have a reputation for being scammy. 

I’ll be honest, some of them are! I have definitely had my share with the scammy online surveys, which is why I know the perfect ones to recommend for your side hustle from home gig.

The thing that I like about online surveys is that you can do them at home (which is where everyone is at) and while watching Netflix (which is what everyone’s doing!). They are brainless activities that have a guaranteed payout in the end. 

If you’re interested in online surveys, I highly recommend using Survey Junkie or Swagbucks. Survey Junkie is reliable, secure, and they make sure to pay their surveyors the agreed-upon price. Swagbucks gives you a $10.00 bonus just for signing up. It’s time to bring in some extra bucks!

Go to Swagbucks here —> Swagbucks
Go to Survey Junkie here —> Survey Junkie 

6. Voice Over Work

Do you have a good voice? What about a unique, strong, or energetic voice?

Voice acting is a great, fun gig that you can do for easy money.

There are plenty of sites to list yourself for work and it’s as easy as recording yourself reading a script.

To find the perfect site to list your voice over services, check out this article: 101 Top Voice OVer Websites to Find Voice Over Work

7. Transcription

Audio transcription is in high demand with the amount of content that is being created on a daily basis. Not everyone wants to read an article or watch a video. That’s why so many creators are having their work transcribed. 

For example, if someone makes a YouTube video, they might want the audio transcribed so that they can use the content in a blog post.

Or, maybe someone is writing a book by speaking it into audio notes. They will need someone to transcribe the audio into text.

People who work as transcribers make great money because you can charge per hour.

Fiverr is a great place to get started with a transcription side gig.

8. Manage Social Media Accounts

Businesses, influencers, and websites usually post on social a minimum of one time a day on all of their social media accounts.

Someone has to run these!

If you’re good at understanding the dynamics of social media, and if you can come up with good captions, this is a great side hustle.

Start by reaching out to companies that you like and pitching your services to them. You can also search for freelance social media jobs on sites like Upwork.

9. Teach Online Classes

Education doesn’t just mean going to school and sitting in a classroom. Many people are turning to online courses for learning various topics. If you are a master at a specific topic, literally any topic, create a good quality online course to sell.

Some platforms that you can advertise your course on are Teachable and Udemy. If you create an online course, you get to decide how detailed you will be and the amount that you will charge.

10. Podcasting

While the podcast market might already have a podcast on virtually every topic, no one can copy your voice. If you have something you are passionate about, start a podcast and find your own raving fans.

You’ll need a few supplies such as a mic and editing software, but those costs are generally low.

I hope you enjoy your side hustle from home gig! Now go make that money!

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